Zendaya and Tom Holland Held Hands and Matched Outfits in NYC

Tom Holland and Zendaya are spending time in New York City as Holland promotes his new film Uncharted, and the private couple put their love on very public display while leaving their hotel yesterday evening. Matching in dark tones, Holland and Zendaya held hands, which paparazzi captured. This is one of their most overt displays of affection since reports of them dating again came out in July. Zendaya wore a belted gray shirt dress while Holland wore a light gray suit and black top. Both wore black masks amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

tom holland and zendaya in nyc

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tom holland and zendaya in nyc on february 16, 2022

GothamGetty Images

Zendaya spoke in December during the two’s Spider-Man: No Way Home press tour about how having Holland with her throughout the Marvel films helped them both cope with the fame that came from them. She especially helped Holland.

“I think one is just by supporting, you know, just being there. I think sometimes you just have to be a person to vent to, someone to just be there and listen,” she started. “And another thing is like, I was lucky enough to where my life didn’t change overnight. I started when I was young [on the Disney Channel] so it was kind of like a slow progression so I kind of got to learn it as I went and figure it out and get my footing a little bit whereas for him, it was so much all at once because when you’re Spider-Man, that’s kind of how it works. It’s like you’re Spider-Man, your life changes much like this movie so I have an extreme amount of empathy for that. So anything that I learned or have learned or continue to learn I share with him and anything he learns, he shares with me.”

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