Where Does Prince Harry and Prince William’s Relationship Stand After Queen’s Funeral?

While Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William generally kept stoic and apart during the Queen’s funeral events today, there was a small gesture of unity during the committal service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

William invited Meghan and Harry to join him at the service and sit with him, Kate, and their family, according to Entertainment Tonight. William waved to Harry while Harry and Meghan were arriving to come over, and Harry nodded and joined them. William let Meghan and Harry enter in first to be seated, then Kate and his two older children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. You can see footage of the moment on ET‘s site. Notably—and perhaps tellingly—William and Harry sat on opposite ends, with their wives and children between them.

the committal service for her majesty queen elizabeth ii

WPA Pool//Getty Images

the committal service for her majesty queen elizabeth ii

WPA Pool//Getty Images

During the state funeral at Westminster Abbey in London, Meghan and Harry were seated in the row behind Kate and William. A Buckingham Palace source told Daily Beast that this seating was not a snub to Meghan and Harry, who stepped back from their working senior royal family roles and moved to California. “The order was approximately age order but trying not to split families up.” the source said.

As Page Six reported, Harry and William did not interact at either funeral beyond their seating interaction at the committal service.

Meghan and Kate similarly did not have any big moments caught on camera, instead keeping their primary focus on maintaining a united front and respecting the Queen’s legacy.

Privately, Harry has reportedly been frustrated that people—and the British tabloids—are so focused on his strained relationship with his brother over his grandmother’s funeral. The Times of London reported that Harry told a friend last week, “People need to just stop talking about all this stuff and focus on my grandmother.”

A source told The Times of London, via Page Six, that William felt similarly and was “solely focused on doing what is right to honor the Queen. [He has been] processing his grief and the death of his grandmother, rather than sitting there processing his relationship with Harry.” The source added that William and Harry were still “trying their best” to get along.

A source told Us Weekly in a report published today that the brothers had been trying to patch things up a bit during the Queen’s funeral. “The Queen’s funeral gave the royals a window of opportunity to heal as a family,” a source said, adding that while there is “still tension [between Harry and William], they both agreed to put aside any hard feelings” as they mourned the Queen. “They know it’s what the Queen would’ve wanted and are trying to move forward from the past.”

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