Celebrities Who Have Helped Fans Get Engaged

In the age of epic marriage proposals, there’s perhaps nothing more over-the-top than recruiting a famous person to make your big moment even bigger. Call it good PR or just feel-good, but for some reason, some stars are totally game to let their fans to share the spotlight and create their own special memories. This Valentine’s Day, we spoke to five couples who got engaged with help from their favorite celebrities.

Baby Just Say Yes

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“Anthony and I lived in the same small town. We became friends in 2010, and we realized we both were big Taylor Swift fans. Her Red tour came to Philly in the summer of 2013, and we went together with mutual friends. A few months later, we began dating. After a few years, we were starting to plan for the future. Anthony had asked what would be my dream proposal, and I immediately said it would be if Taylor would give me the ring.

“In the summer of 2018, Reputation tour was coming to Philly. Anthony decided to create t-shirts and arrive early for a chance to get selected to meet Taylor. I went along with his idea, even though I thought there was no chance. We were approached by someone who commented on our shirts and asked if we would like to meet Taylor. Who wouldn’t? She pulled out a hot pink flyer for the pre show meet and greet. Not only was Anthony nervous to meet Taylor, but his nerves were at a whole other level knowing he was going to get down on one knee in front of her. When it was our turn, Anthony and I entered the room with Taylor and a cameraman. I told her I was a teacher and my students all knew how much I loved her. Anthony spoke next and said, ‘I have a perfect pose for our picture.’ He got down on one knee, and Taylor and I were stunned. I just froze, but I think I nodded yes. Taylor told Anthony to get up and hug me. She held my hand looking at the ring, and she called Anthony ‘a baller,’ which will forever be the highlight of his life. Getting married during a pandemic definitely put a damper on things. Our original wedding date had to be postponed. Leading up to our rescheduled date in August of 2020, everyone jokingly asked if Taylor would be there. Since we knew this was not happening, we ordered Taylor Swift props for our photo booth so people could still get a picture with ‘Taylor.’ Our table names were all Taylor Swift songs. We entered the reception to ‘Are You Ready For It,’ and, of course, our first dance as husband and wife was a choreographed dance to ‘Lover.’ Our guests expected nothing less.” — Stephanie Yannuzzi on her engagement to (now husband) Anthony Yannuzzi.

A Moment Like This

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“Kelly Clarkson is one of the few pop stars I had growing up who actively supported the LGBTQIA+ community. She even included a gay couple in the music video for her song ‘Tie It Up.’ Overall, I can’t think of a song she’s released that I haven’t loved. My partner Justin and I would joke all the time when I moved away for college one year into our relationship that he would listen to ‘Since U Been Gone’ as a joke, because he could finally breathe with me moving away. Honestly, it made the heart grow fonder, and after a second year apart, he moved across the state and moved in with me while I finished college.

“I was very excited when I found out that Kelly was performing at a conference I was attending in 2017. After her show, I was told I could go back and meet her for being such a dedicated fan. I was sweating so much from dancing and singing that when I went back to meet her, she laughed and was like, ‘Oh my gosh! You are sweating like a whore in church, you were doing all the dance moves.’ I told her how I was planning on proposing to Justin. By then, we had been dating for 4 years, and I knew he was the one for me. She told me to go get him and do it it now. I was nervous, but I was like ‘I can do this!’ Kelly was adorable, she told him we had to take a photo. After the photo was taken, I made the proposal to him. When I popped the question, he said yes and started crying immediately. It’s been four years, and we actually haven’t gotten married yet. We bought a house and then had to move to a different state for work. Life has been so crazy we haven’t had the time. But Kelly, if you’re reading this, we would love to get married on your show and reunite with you again. Call us!” — Alex Malerba on getting engaged to Justin Blake.

Feel My Love

adele hugging a couple onstage


“Our engagement was definitely a huge shock. I thought we were just going on a surprise date, but it turned out Quentin had won a contest to propose to me on TV. He didn’t find out it was Adele’s CBS special until last minute. To say we were shocked is an understatement. We had a beautiful picnic actually before, then he blindfolded me and we drove to the top of Griffith where he got down on one knee. I was so overcome with emotion for this man that I’m so in love with, the fact that he did all of this for me just shows how much he loves and cares for me.

“I absolutely love Adele. We’ve grown up together, so I’ve seen her go through the highs and lows—and you really feel all that in all of her music. Her music has always touched my soul, but ‘Make You Feel My Love’ will always and forever my favorite song because she sang it to us after we got engaged. Even though we’d never met, Adele understands looking for and finding love. To have your heart broken and pull yourself back up just to find that real love you were looking for all along… Well, I can’t imagine a better wingwoman for my engagement.” — Ashleigh Mann on getting engaged to Quentin Brunson.

We Belong Together

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“Manwé is a professional dancer and was one of the dancers in Mariah Carey’s Vegas show. He had given me a copy of the itinerary and contacts for the show, and I reached out to see if an onstage engagement would be possible. On the big day, we lingered behind stage, where I was given a mic. Then Mariah asked Manwé to join her on stage before introducing me. I was nervous as all hell. I had written a speech and rehearsed and rehearsed it, but when the love of your life is in front of you, and you just spoke to Mariah Carey and the lights are bright and the crowd is screaming, you don’t remember a thing. I totally did not say anything I had written down.

“Manwé was pretty surprised, because it was in the middle of his work when it all happened. He says that, in retrospect, he should have seen it coming, because everyone from hair and makeup to Mariah herself would ask about me and our relationship in the weeks leading up to the big day. He thought it was weird that everyone had a million and one questions. Mariah was so generous and sweet about it all. She gave us space on her stage to make our moment very special, and we will always be grateful to her. We got married in July 2019 in Yucatán, Mexico, one year after our engagement. We had Mariah’s music at the reception, but unfortunately her schedule was too busy to make an appearance.” — Sumeet Gupta on his engagement to (now husband) Manwé Sauls-Addison.

The Greatest Show

hugh jackman in the background of a couple of getting engaged

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“I would consider myself one of Hugh Jackman’s biggest fans. My brothers ingrained in me a deep love for all things Marvel, and seeing him star as what was always my favorite character was an amazing experience for me as a kid. He brought Wolverine to life in a way that I had never seen before. The more I learned about him, the more I admired him. Not only is he one of the most incredible actors to grace the screen and stage, but he’s also incredibly kind and humble and just an all around great guy. He seems so genuine compared to a lot of what you see from Hollywood, which is really what cemented him as my favorite celebrity. Once Joe and I started dating, I made sure to introduce him to all of my favorite Hugh Jackman movies. One of our top picks is The Greatest Showman; I saw it 12 times in the theaters. Every time I heard that one of my friends hadn’t seen it, I insisted on taking them. I really think it’s one of the most beautiful and heartwarming movies there is, and I wanted everyone I knew to see it and experience it. Suffice it to say, after 6 years I have sufficiently corrupted Joe. Hugh Jackman is one of his favorite celebrities too.

“I had absolutely no idea Hugh Jackman would be involved in our proposal. None whatsoever! Joe took me to see ‘The Man. The Music. The Show.’ in Minnesota. During the show, after the fourth number, Hugh mentioned that he ‘got a letter from a guy called Joe,’ and for some reason I had a feeling in my gut that it was my Joe. But I couldn’t believe it when he walked off the stage and right up to us. I had my hands over my face the whole time and even considered bolting at first, because I couldn’t believe Hugh was right there. And he knew we existed. It was truly overwhelming, and honestly, aside from our wedding, the absolute best day of my life.” — Sanaa Kripal on her engagement to (now husband) Joe Kripal.

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