9 Top-Rated Bikini Trimmers for Summer 2022

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There’s so much conflicting advice around removing body hair. Is shaving with a razor an underrated classic? Should you be wary of ingrown hairs? Is laser hair removal the wave of the future or will you end up with scarring? Waxing: friend or foe? And if the hairy area in question is located in your nether regions, the advice only gets more confusing. To help offer some clarity, we enlisted the help of dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal, to break down some important information on one hair removal unsung hero: the bikini trimmer.

Are bikini trimmers safe to use?

“Bikini trimming is not as easy as it looks,” says Dr. Lal. “I often see patients for razor bumps, burns, hyperpigmentation, and even scarring.” But that doesn’t mean they’re not safe to use—it just means that prep is very important.

How should you use a bikini trimmer?

“I always recommend using an antibacterial cleanser such as benzoyl peroxide or chlorhexidine before trimming to prevent skin infections and irritation,” says Dr. Lal. “I recommend trimming with the grain of the hair and not against it. The hair in this location is curly and kinky, and if you trim against the hair grain, the hairs can grow into the skin and cause bumps and irritation.” Post-care is also very important. “Moisturize after shaving to keep the skin moist and reduce post-trimming irritation and dryness. Beware of heavily scented lotions which may further burn and irritate the dry skin after trimming.”

Are bikini trimmers safe for sensitive skin?

“Bikini trimmers are great for patients with sensitive skin and are a great alternative to shaving and chemical depilatory agents,” says Dr. Lal. If your skin is sensitive and you want to be as safe as possible, “I usually recommend also using a spacer to avoid a super close trim, which can lead to inadvertent cuts.”

So if you’re ready to try a new form of hair removal, here are nine bikini trimmers with incredible ratings and reviews, all available on Amazon.

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Palmperfect Bikini Trimmer

Ratings: 4.4 stars, 6,322 reviews

What people are saying: “Honestly, I’m completely blown away by this product!! I had an electric shaver that I liked, but always gave me nicks when I trimmed my personal area. I stumbled upon this one and thought I’d give it a shot since it was cheap, and OMG! This is the best one I’ve ever used! It actually leaves you feeling smooth shaven!!!”


Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

Ratings: 4.5 stars, 62,889 reviews

What people are saying: “I was nervous about nicking myself and to my pleasant surprise it did not happen and the results were exactly what I hoped for! Great trimmer! Great results!”


Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor

Rating: 4.5 stars, 5,821 reviews

What people are saying: “I’m kicking myself for not getting this years ago. Not to be too graphic…but when I was reading reviews before I decided to buy it, what I really wanted to know is if it will work on thick coarse hair, if it’s easier than trimming with scissors, and if it feels safer. The answer is YES, YES, and YES! I’m not worried about cutting myself and I can trim really quickly. What would usually take me 15 minutes took me less than 5.”


Women’s Electric Bikini Trimmer

Rating: 4.1 stars, 3,943 reviews

What people are saying: “I FREAKING LOVE THIS THING. Seriously…it couldn’t be easier to use. There are 3 pieces. It came in a box. You will need to supply your own AA batteries (2 of [th]em), and that’s it. The guard is good if you want to use it, but it wasn’t scary using it without the guard either. The cleaning brush works well. All in all, this was affordable, easy to use, does the job and does it well.”


Electric Razor for Women

Rating: 4.3 stars, 795 reviews

What people are saying: “I am very happy with this electric razor. It’s much better quality than I expected it to be. It has two sides that can be used for trimming and then [a] middle section that is the close [shave] razor. There is also a light that lights up where you are shaving. It charges with a USB port.”


Ladies 3-Blade “Close Curves” Wet/Dry Shaver

Rating: 4.3 stars, 40,490 reviews

What people are saying: “Let me tell you, I will NEVER go back to shaving my bikini area with a razor again. This product is fantastic!”


Bikiniperfect Advanced Bikini Trimmer Kit

Rating: 4 stars, 99 reviews

What people are saying: “It’s great for getting those hard to reach areas, and it doesn’t leave ugly red blotches and doesn’t leave your skin itchy afterwards (at least it didn’t for me). I love this trimmer, and it’s the only one I’ll ever buy.”


BikiniGenie Cordless Bikini Trimmer

Rating: 4 stars, 1,429 reviews

What people are saying: “It’s cordless, comes with a couple razor sizes, easily fits into your hand, and can be used wet or dry. I absolutely LOVE this product! I’ve had mine for two years now and it’s just starting to dull. It works great for all types of hair. It also is a great winter razor for us who don’t like shaving during the winter months. I’ll be rebuying this product.”


Pure Confidence Rechargeable Electric Razor

Rating: 4 stars, 566 ratings

What people are saying: “I love it! It is easy and comfortable to hold, and you can use it in the shower. Charging is easy and it really cuts painlessly and precisely. I’d buy it again if someone took mine! It’s definitely worth the money.”

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