29 French Manicure Ideas for 2022

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While everyone else is busy with their Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails, sometimes you can’t beat a classic. French manicures might seem like a ’90s or 2000s trend come back to haunt us, but really, it never went away. After all, if you take a look at the spring nail trends from the most recent runway shows, you’ll see that French tipped nails adorned many models’ hands. Nude nails are a classic standby, but adding a white tip to the end will instantly make you the trendsetter of the group. You get bonus points if you incorporate one of our favorite winter nail polishes with the manicure. Here, find 29 French manicure ideas you’ll want to bring to your manicurist ASAP.

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Much like the original, this version of a French mani leans on classic straight lines that accentuate the nail tips. What makes it more modern are the different colors on each nail, the thicker block of color, and the matte topcoat.

If you can’t decide on one polish color, you don’t have to with this design. Each nail pairs a darker and lighter color. Plus, the v-shaped paint job helps visually elongate the nail.

Multi-colored swirls painted in a non-uniform pattern give off a retro ’60s vibe. This look will be just as trippy with any color combination your choose.

These delicately painted tortoise tips look like fine jewelry that’s been perfectly placed at the end of each nail bed.

The detail is subtle but on each side of the black stripe accenting these tips is the slightest variation in color on each nail. If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s a lighter and darker version of each color.

What says spring better than flowers painted on your nails? Not only are the florals different on each tip, but the design is also concentrated just to the edges of each nail for effortless spring vibes.

Anyone else suddenly craving a martini, extra dirty?

If you’re loyal to the traditional French manicure, modernize your look by matching it to a white cat-eye.

Design by @sephoracollection

Rainbows lend themselves well to a curved tip. Try this technicolor twist on the Frenchie but paint them with a black base for a moodier look.

Design by @nail_unistella

Play off your white French tips with hyper-graphic details in black.

Design by@spifster

The minimalist approach to the French manicure is the French line, where you trace along your nail bed in black. Honestly, it’s so easy.

Design by @flowidity108

A French tip, half-moon combo, this monochrome look is a mod design that will go with anything. Paint one color first and give it ample time to dry before applying your second lacquer.

Design by @jessicawashick

Marble nails are an ongoing trend. Why not try it with French tips? We’re especially fond of this purple version, complimented by a full marble nail.

Design by @amivnails

French tips and fishnets go hand in hand style wise, so why not combine the two vampy choices into one? Start with a bare nail, then hand paint a grid or use a nail stencil to get the crosshatched design. Once dry, paint your tips white and finish with a clear base.

Design by @me_julielee

This look, worn by Julie Schott, is a subtle way to update the French manicure. After your white tips are dry, underline each with a stripe of nude and finish off the look with a clear topcoat.

Design by @naominailsnyc

Focus on this manicure’s ring finger. The white tip is lined in black for a graphic, Mondrian-esque design.

Design by @nail_unistella

Take the oil spill nail trend to another level by applying the foil just at your tips, leaving the rest of your nail bare.

Design by @paintbox

This nail artist combined a mint French tip with an ombre fade. No matter what colors you choose, always start with your lightest shade first and give yourself time for each coat to dry.

Design by @palemoonseattle

This minimal nail updates the French tip with the simple additional of a corresponding middle line. For that section, mimic the curve of your tip to get the cleanest look.

Design by @aliciatnails

For a quirkier French tip, freehand your design all over like this mash-up of grapefruits, watermelons, and ’80s motifs.

Design by @nailsbymii for @vanityprojects

Apply the concept of French manicure—white tips with a nude base—to the ongoing ombre trend. For best results, apply the two polishes on a makeup sponge and continuously dab onto the nail. Finish with a topcoat.

Design by @sohotrightnail

Bust out a thin brush to paint micro details to the base of your nail for a playful design. This back-to-school manicure by nail artist Kro Vargas features a yellow bus, a pencil, and a teeny tiny chalkboard.

Design by @krocaine

A traditional manicure includes only one line but you can force the design into 2018 by adding another line of design. Purple lines, pink lines, cheetah lines—the possibilities are endless.

Design by @aliciatnails

Who says a French manicure is just for your nail tips? Give your beds a little TLC by reversing the style and letting the design rest near your cuticles.

Design by @chillhouse

Bling out your tips. Rhinestones or glitter will help you get your shine on in no time. Complete the look by taking some advice from Kanye and adding a grill.

Design by @naominailsnyc

White and soft pink are so last year. In 2018 it’s time to go crazy with colors and sparkles. Fire Engine red pairs nicely with a silver shimmer because if you’re going to go big why not go really big?

Design by @nailsbymei

If you want to be adventurous but no go crazy (like the nails above), add a bit of a glitter polish to the tips and leave the rest of the nail a classic pink.

Design by @paintboxnails

Inspired by architectural designs, this particular nail includes both a French manicure and a small work of art to match.

Design by @chillhouse

Add a bit of sparkle at the opposite end of the Frenchie to dress up the look.

Design by @valleynyc

What is a French manicure?

“The French manicure is one of the most easily recognized nail looks. We have seen so many forms of the French manicure over the years as trends change. For example, we used to commonly see the white tips on squared nails but now [many] opt for a softer look with the almond shape and play with different colors and finishes for a fresh and fun modern take.”

Are there any tricks to make it easier to give yourself a French manicure?

“Silicone nail stamps are a very popular tool for DIY French manicures so anyone at any skill level can easily pull it off. A good topcoat is also key to seal everything in for a smooth surface and neat tips.”

Why do you believe French manicures have become so trendy?

“I think the French manicure always comes back in the trend rotation because it can be easily personalized and it’s a DIY friendly nail art that goes with any fashion style. Whether it’s the traditional one color or personalized with different patterns or combined with fun nail decals like our JINsoon Nail Appliqués, it can be as simple or out of the box as you want!”

Do you prefer a white-tipped French manicure, or with a twist?

“Sometimes less is more, so I always love a classic French manicure, but I like playing with different colors. For the Brandon Maxwell SS2023 runway, we opted for dainty pink lavender tips on natural nails.”

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